Club Inter-optiques

Interprofessional understanding, competency and ethics

Since 2003, our inter-professional association brings together representatives from all optical sectors.

Our Members

Club Inter-Optiques consists of 30 members who meet every two months in order to analyse together the significant trends within our different business areas. Our members, who are company managers from the entire branch,  have all been elected intuitu personae and unanimously.

Scope of professional sectors of our members:

  • Producers and importers of spectacle lenses, frames, contact lenses, machinery as well as optical and ophthalmic devices
  • The most significant dealer networks 
  • Optical schools and leading ophthalmologists of the national ophthalmology union
  • Insurances represented by the health platforms
  • Optical websites
  • Optical NGOs

“The competence of each of our members creates the value of our meetings. It is in everyone’s interest to participate in a constructive upgrade of our overall knowledge of trends in the optics market. The whole being more than the sum of the parts.”

Harro LOTZ – President

Our goals

  • Give profitable information related to our know-how and experience to each one of our members
  • Engage a common inter-professional reflection
  • Continuously favour a proactive professional attitude resulting in beneficial outcomes for the development of all our professions

We regularly meet our European professional counterparts: optical unions, main distribution networks, producers etc.; in particular within the framework of the OPTI G4 working group (France, Germany, Italy and Great Britain) created in 2014. Top managers of other sectors come to speak at our meetings. Since 2008, the members of Club Inter-Optiques have supported the AFNOR certification of opticians services: more than 5.000 certified opticians as of early 2018. The « Prix Inter-Optiques de la FiliÚre de la Vision » (Inter-Optiques Award for the sector of vision), introduced by our association in 2014, demonstrates the high value we place in the spirit of ethical responsibility within our sector. Since 2015, the announcement of the statistics of the optical market in France and in Europe for the previous year has become an annual meeting for leaders of the profession, invited by the Club Inter-Optiques, in partnership with GFK group.